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Intergenerational training park

The Intergenerational Training Park is intended both for guests of the Terme Zreče and Rogla accommodation facilities, locals and passers-by. The park has been designed to improve the quality of life of various population groups, including children, youth, people with motor impairments, the elderly, disadvantaged and others. The natural environment should be used in a sustainable manner!
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Recommendations for a proper, safe and efficient training:

  • wear appropriate sports clothing and shoes;
  • warm up before your training;
  • do not exaggerate – use the equipment provided according to your fitness level and only if you are healthy;
  • if there is a line for the use of the equipment, wait until it is your turn;
  • arrive to the park with a small on your face and in a good mood.

Important information:

  1. The Training Park is used at your own risk.
  2. Use of the training equipment by children allowed only under the supervision of an adult.
  3. If you experience pain at any point, immediately discontinue your training and consult your physician.
  4. If you sustain an injury in the park and require medical assistance, please call the emergency number at 112.
  5. The equipment is owned by Unitur d.o.o. Any damage thereto shall be reported to the following phone number: +386 (0)3 757 6000 or you can e-mail us at terme@unitur.eu.
  6. All users shall maintain proper order and cleanliness on the training ground.
  7. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the training ground and equipment.
  8. Smoking, alcohol intake and consumption on the training ground are not allowed.
  9. Cycling and the use of motor vehicles on the training ground are not allowed.

The Intergenerational Training Park has been created in partnership with the Zreče Pensioner Association.
This investment project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Republic of Slovenia.

How to use: Slide the ring from one end of the bar to the other without touching the bar.
Effect: It is an exercise for the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints. The wide range of motion helps to develop hand-eye coordination and concentration. These two abilities are needed in everyday life, for example in using a phone or opening food containers.

How to use: Find balance on the swinging platform. While doing it, you can also use your hands to hold the bar.
Effect: This improves body control and balance, with a particular focus on the deep muscles. It is also a fun way of improving one's posture.

How to use: Stand in front of the middle column, hold the balls with each hand and move them along the bar.
Effect: The curved motion can be used to rotate the shoulders and open the chest.

How to use: Roll the balls across the rolls.
Effect: Rolling the balls with the hands improves elbow and shoulder mobility.

How to use: Stand on a round platform, which moves sideways, and use a bar to hold on to.
Effect: It is a perfect exercise for core training improving the strength of core muscles and mobility.

How to use: Walk the beam forward or aside and find balance. You can help yourself by holding the bar.
Effect: Balancing on the undulating beam develops the balance organs and the sense of balance. The importance of taking care of our muscles and balance becomes evident in many small things, from buttoning a shirt to travelling on public transport.

How to use: Step on the footstool and start to sway your foot forward. Exercise from the hip. You can use the device as warming up before another exercise.
Effect: It improves the mobility of the muscles in the legs and hips.

How to use: Step on the round platform and step off of it, supporting yourself with the metal bar if needed.
Effect: Walking on a slanted surface increases leg mobility and helps to maintain good balance.