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Rogla Water

Rogla Water – Good water for good people

Close to the Bukovlje settlement in a small valley at the foot of the Slovenske Konjice Mountain (Konjiška Gora) along the age-old Roman road that used to connect Ptuj and Celje, you will find the Zverovje source, where thirst was quenched as early as by the Ancient Romans, whilst most recently butchers from Celje and elsewhere have used it to break ice. Nowadays, Zverovje is well-known for its ponds and the Rogla Water bottling plant, given that a state-of-the-art water bottling plant has been erected next to the source that pumps crystal clear and ice-cold Rogla Source Water from 240 meters below the surface. Even during the hottest summer days, its temperature does not rise above 10 degrees Celsius.

Quality proven by eight gold medals

Ever since the bottling plant started production, the Rogla Source Water bottling plant has been participating in international blind tests performed as part of the AGRA Fair. Our water is thus the only Slovenian source water that can boast eight gold medals since 2009, proving its constant quality. In addition to participating in the international competition, the quality of the Rogla Source Water is also safeguarded by regular controls of its chemical and microbiological suitability performed by the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food - Celje Environment and Health Department.

We are one of the first that can boast the BPA-, BPS- and other byphenol-free packaging called BPA-Free Tritan™!

Being small has its advantages

Water is bottled in three volumes:

  • 0.5 litre
  • 1.5 litres
  • 18.9 litres

Our small and highly flexible bottling plant facilitatates frequent bottling of water in small series that provides for continuously fresh water. The bottling plant also bottles smaller quantities of water that large bottling plants cannot. In addition to bottling source water, our customers can also avail of water in bottles boasting their own label.

Own label – advertising and increased visibility tool

Our customers can avail of the so-called individualised label, which means that the water bottle can be equipped with a label in compliance with the corporate design of the customer and can be used as an advertising tool at various occasions such as:

  • in-house snacks and lunches
  • fair presentations
  • business gifts
  • commercial presentations
  • meetings
  • anniversaries (of the company, of various employees, etc.)
  • information days
  • weddings, etc.

For a single price, we take care of the label design and printing and labelling, bottling and door-to-door transportation of maximum 200 bottles within 48 hours from the order, which large bottling plants cannot do. Our customers can also design and print their own labels themselves and bring them to our bottling plant, thus providing themselves with the cheapest water in Slovenia.

Where can you get good water (for good people)?

1 The natural Rogla Source Water can be purchased directly from the water bottling plant in the Bukovlje Village on Pohorje, in the immediate vicinity of the Stranice Ponds.

Opening hours:
May-September: 8 AM - 4 PM (Mon-Fri)
October-April: 9 AM - 2 PM (Tue, Wed and Thu)

2 In the KEA TUŠ grocery store in Zreče.
3 Rogla Water can also be ordered online 24/7. E-mail us at polnilnica@unitur.eu or call us on +386 (0)3 576 01 08.


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