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The Sauna village

Boost your health in our saunas scented with Pohorje herbs and relax in the rest area at the hayrack.

Experience a warm embrace of comfort at the originally equipped Sauna Village. Pamper your body and boost your health by visiting one of our five Finnish saunas (including crystal and colour therapy)or two steam saunas where you can enjoy the scent of Pohorje herbs, or you can select one of our two infrared saunas and rest on heated ceramic beds or in the rest area at the hayrack.

Experience homeliness at the Izba (Small Room), Čebelnjak (Beehive), Lipa (Lime Tree) or Češnja (Cherry Tree) saunas ... boost your health in the Kneipp Stream. During winter, pamper your body with our guided air whirling programmes, peelings with mountain herbs or honey wraps.

You will also be enticed by the external cooling swimming pool and sun terrace that bring joy to our visitors both during summer and winter.

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