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Osteoporosis cabinet

Bone density imaging – densitometry

At the Terme Zreče Health Care Centre, you can also identify modified bone density (osteopeny/osteoporosis) and body tissue composition. A state-of-the-art densitometry machine that facilitates a comprehensive analysis of body tissues (skeleton, muscles, fat tissue) is at our disposal for this kind of diagnostic procedure. The data received facilitate timely preventive and therapy recuperation that applies to osteoporosis management in particular. After your check-up, the physician draws up an expert body density analysis report in writing and advises on treatment and changes to be made to your lifestyle (exercise, diet) and how to prevent bone fractures that are, unfortunately, a very frequent occurrence in patients suffering from osteoporosis.

Body tissue composition analysis

State-of-the-art machine that makes use of absorbed x-rays that differ based on the composition of tissue. Measures the body skeleton, muscles and fat tissue percentage in grams. The body fat tissue percentage is also measured. Measurements can be carried out for specific parts of the body. This check-up is of great importance for discerning cardiovascular disease risk , for professional athletes and recreational athletes seeking to control the ratio between body tissues in specific parts of the body as well as for those seeking to lose weight as the machine indicates over-stressed points in the body.