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Our professional staff adopts and introduces state-of-the-art rehabilitation and therapy procedures and has all the required technical facilities at its disposal.

The Health Resort includes a rehabilitation nursing unit intended for people suffering from severe locomotor conditions that have not yet regained independence following a disorder or injury.

The most important guideline followed by the health resort is one-on-one treatment that gives maximum long-term rehabilitation results.

In compliance with the Health Service Programme Implementation Agreement concluded with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as "HIIS"), TermeZreče implements the following medical rehabilitation standards:

  • Type 1 Standard – Inflammatory Rheumatic Disorders
  • Type 2 Standard – Degenerative Rheumatism Outside Joints
  • Type 3 Standard – Conditions Following Locomotor System Injuries and Surgeries with a Functional Impairment
  • Type 6 Standard – Gynaecological Disorders – Conditions Following Breast, Small Pelvis and Testicle Surgeries
  • Type 9 Standard – Respiratory Tract Disorders on Rogla (May–October)

The entire rehabilitation programme can be implemented via HIIS or self-paid.