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Health Care Centre

In addition to comfortable accommodation, good food and recreational pleasures, the Terme Zreče Health Resort brings you many other options related to improving your health and well-being. At the Health Resort, you can consult with the most renowned orthopaedists in Slovenia, an internist, physiatrist, urologist, proctologist and rheumatologist that provide you with complex subspecialist health care and additional diagnostics: laboratory tests, ultrasound, EMG, isokinetic testing, analysis of body tissue composition and bone density measurement.

The Terme Zreče Health Resort, which is specialised in locomotor system disorders, applies all standard physiotherapy procedures during its rehabilitation processes: kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy and thermotherapy.

In addition to those, the Cyriax, Mulligan and Triger methodologies are applied and isokinetic and functional trainings are carried out.

The following healthcare professionals are in charge of rehabilitation and treatment:

  • a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • an orthopaedist,
  • 14 physiotherapists,
  • 2 registered nurses,
  • 8 clinicians,
  • 10 masseurs,
  • 12 external consultants from the most eminent clinics and hospitals in the Republic of Slovenia (Ljubljana University Medical Centre, Maribor University Medical Centre, Celje Hospital) and
  • auxiliary staff.

We employ 48 staff members in total (excluding outworkers).The medical team of the Terme Zreče Health Resort is managed by:

  • Head of the Health Care Centre: Neža Strniša, M.D., Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry)
  • Head of Specialist Dispensaries: Sašo Puncer, M.D., Specialist in Orthopaedics
  • Head of the Physiotherapy Unit/Health Care Centre Marketing: Simona Pavlič Založnik, MSc, BA in Organisational Sciences, Senior Physiotherapist
  • Head of Nursing Unit: Andreja Lipuš, Registered Nurse

In 2016, Terme Zreče initiated a procedure for obtaining an international accreditation document for the quality and safety of medical treatments in accordance with the AACI (American Accreditation Commission International) standards. The activities were aimed at creating a friendly, safe and orderly work environment as well as offering professional health care. In order to obtain international medical accreditation, in addition to the professional ones, some investments and organizational updates were necessary as well, which enabled the implementation of all procedures according to the precisely defined standards.

The AACI International Accreditation Standard for Health Organizations is a formal procedure for assessing and determining the way in which the health institution – in this case, the Medical Rehabilitation Center Terme Zreče ‒ meets the predetermined and public quality and safety standards.

The basic goal of standardization and acquisition of AACI accreditation is the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of patient care, which is part of our company’s strategic goals.

The benefits of the International Accreditation Standard for AACI Health Organizations are reflected in

  • increasing the quality and safety of medical treatment for patients,
  • increasing the quality and effectiveness of work, collaboration among the management, health and other staff in all work processes, and increasing the confidence of patients and business partners for health institutions,
  • increasing the satisfaction and pride that come from work as well as the personal and professional advancement for employees.